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Servicing Made Easy


At Hyundai Pasig, we listen carefully to your concerns and actively follow-up on this as we maintain a clean, safe, and friendly environment for you. We schedule an appointment that is most convenient for you in order to properly address the issue at hand.


We make sure that each customer is attended promptly on arrival in a friendly and professional manner. So always be assured that we will greet you with a smile. We provide you with an accurate cost estimate and timetable and briefly explain the work that is to be performed to your vehicle.


Before commencing on any additional work, we obtain your prior authorization to make sure we are always on the same page. We explain thoroughly all repairs performed and its corresponding costs and address any concerns you may have.


We ensure that your vehicle is returned in clean and tidy condition and at the time agreed upon. And we won’t stop there. We always make contact with customer within 3 business days to ensure that you are satisfied with all the services we have provided.

Top of the Line & Affordable Parts

Hyundai Genuine Parts are guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards. Specifically engineered for your Hyundai vehicle, Hyundai Genuine Parts are tested under simulated, extreme conditions to ensure that they are durable, reliable and high standard. For guaranteed quality, always choose Hyundai Genuine Parts.

Low Cost, High Quality Parts

Quality Assurance

Hyundai Genuine Parts fully meet quality standard of HMC, which is guaranteed to perform to the safety, reliability, and durability standards you expect.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Hyundai Genuine Parts have full coverage warranty, which provides safety and security for your vehicle.

Long-Term Savings

Hyundai’s full range of genuine parts available in the market guarantees quality and longstanding performance of which means you save more in the long run.

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