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Hyundai Reina – A Sexy Car You Should Own


Meet the Hyundai Reina.

Costs can drive a person to sacrifice either comfort or leisure (sometimes even both!) in the name of practicality. Any driver buying a new car knows this and will often have to make the choice to be budget friendly or be comfortable.

But Hyundai, with its continuous innovations in the automobile industry, has come out with a ride that doesn’t just fit the budget. Hyundai also doesn’t compromise quality and performance.

The Hyundai Reina is a practical subcompact sedan, except more stylish. After all, it’s sculptured with Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture Design 2.0 design DNA that gives it that elegant urban feel.

Hyundai Reina Philippines 2019

Although what caught the attention of car owners and enthusiasts at first wasn’t even the style – it was the fact that Hyundai launched this all-new sedan with a P598,000 price tag.

You wouldn’t expect this kind of price for a brand new 2019 vehicle. But Hyundai has delivered yet again a sedan that’s budget friendly for new drivers and older consumers alike.

But can we expect more from the Hyundai Reina, especially given this price range?n

Hyundai Reina – Queen of the Sedans

nThe Hyunda Reina definitely lives up to its name, that’s for sure. Known as the Queen of sedans, the Reina shows off a compact size that’s only 5mm shorter than the Accent.

But despite having the same fluidic design language, the Reina still maintains its individuality. It displays smaller head and tail-lights, radiused curves and a squared-off roof.

The physical is simple yet beautifully designed, with the only shortcoming being the plastic hubcaps on its 14-inch steel wheels.

Looking at the Reina’s price tag, we were definitely not expecting high tech. But looking at the insides of the vehicle, Hyundai still did not fail to impress.n

Packed with Features

The Hyundai Reina showcases a 1.4-L petrol engine with class leading power at 95 ps. This lets drivers enjoy quicker maneuverability. The car also comes with in either a 5 manual transmission or a 4 automatic gearbox giving drivers more convenience with the car.

Hyundai Reina Philippines - Engine

The Reina’s interiors are also something not to be taken lightly. The seats are similar to the ones from the older model and give you a feel of familiarity. Familiarity is always a good thing when you’re transitioning to a new car.

The Hyundai Reina also gives good leg room for tall people. You have enough space in the back to cross your legs if you feel like it. While the front seats don’t give the same option for the vertically gifted, the Reina makes up for it through support and comfort.

Like other Hyundai car models, the Reina also features touchscreen options for navigation. The touch screen not anywhere near the high end ones. You will have to do external installs if you want to upgrade to something better.

Simply A Beautiful Car

What drivers are bound to love about the Reina though, other than its reduced price tag, is the way the car runs on the road – smooth, quiet, and refined, except for maybe when the car runs on troublesome patches like concrete or gravel.

Comfort and a smooth drive are two important things that drivers look for when buying a new car. It’s a bonus if they find a ride that looks pretty on the outside too – and this is exactly what car owners are getting out of the Hyundai Reina.

Long live the Queen.

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