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Hyundai H-100 Philippines – Transport King

I recently moved houses and used an app that I found online to help bring my stuff over to the new place, and I couldn’t help but notice a few things during the move. This is going to be a story about my ride on the Hyundai H-100.

So I didn’t need to get a large truck but more of a small pick-up or something similar. The only heavy things I had to move were the mini-fridge, the washing machine, and the air conditioner.

Hyundai H-100 Philippines Cargo Be

What I got with the moving company was a Hyundai H-100. This model is a small but versatile truck. I want to talk about why this is such a good vehicle for anyone looking to start a business. (Check out our latest pricelist and promos on the Hyundai H100 here).

I made small talk with the H-100 driver I was with and found out that he actually owned the truck we were riding. While he didn’t have the capital to start his own moving company, he signed up to use this particular truck as his own business venture.

Hyundai H-100 – Great For Small Business

Hyundai H-100 Interiors

The Hyundai H-100 has an appeal for business owners and venturers. This feature is the first and foremost due to the truck’s versatility.

In terms of its physical aspect, the H-100 comes in a simple, laid back design that highlights practicality over anything else. The truck’s headlights are shaped like a trapezoid with rounded edges and lights withi

If you notice the cargo area of other truck models, the H-100 offers a differently styled interior compared to other light-duty commercial truck.

The H-100’s interiors also gives off the impression of a passenger vehicle. These interiors are one of its best selling points.

The Hyundai H-100 provides a comfortable driver’s seat with a leather surface and other features that make a business trip more convenient.

Amenities include a seat back console, bottle storage, door map pocket, and a glove box, and even the option to add a head unit and air-conditioning system in the main cabin.

Entertainment systems are optional with the H-100 and it should be worth remembering that use of this truck is normally for deliveries thus we shouldn’t expect it to be overloaded with technology.

(Looking for a more luxurious people mover? Check out the Hyundai Grand Starex Philippines edition).

Exceeds Consumer Expectations

Hyundai H-100  Philippines Banner

Being a commercial vehicle designed to carry cargo, we initially don’t expect too much in terms of performance but the Hyundai even exceeds consumer expectations.

The Hyundai H-100 houses a 2.6-liter diesel engine capable of 79hp and 167 Nm of torque and 5-speed manual transmission.

The engine is practical as far as commercial vehicles go, and while the driving experience could be stronger for a truck of its size, the H-100 is refined and gets the job done.

Truck drivers will find that for a vehicle of its size, it’s surprisingly easy to navigate along roads.

The H-100 is ultimately designed to take care of the driver on the road and for the easy unloading of cargo, making it one of the best trucks you can get for small business owners. If you’re interested to know more, check out our feature on the Hyundai H-100 Philippines edition.

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