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Hyundai Grand Starex: Where Bigger Is Better

We’ve all heard the saying that “Bigger is better”, and that couldn’t be truer when talking about the Hyundai Grand Starex.

The Grand Starex is perfect for large families that we Filipinos are known for, barkada road trips, or even just drivers who like having the extra space. The 2019 model, like its predecessors, is tough, durable, and built for the road. If you’re planning a long trip up to Baguio over the holiday break, the Grand Starex can fit up to 9 people, and you can best be guaranteed that your 6-hour road trip is going to be a smooth ride for everyone.

The drive is made more comfortable and entertaining for passengers with the Grand Starex’s swivel chairs. It can be a literal pain in the neck to have to keep craning your head just to have a conversation with the person seated behind you. So why not just turn the chair? Easy, convenient and makes for good conversation while on the ride to your destination.

Anyone who has ever owned a van before will also tell you that the Grand Starex’s interiors are a game changer — from its classic fabric seats to make any long ride comfortable, a leather cover on the steering wheel for the driver’s grip, and even an audio system for whenever you’re in the mood to sing along to the daily Top 10 Hits. Want to bring your own music? Connect your device to the USB port and listen to your Spotify playlist on the road.

The Grand Starex isn’t just pretty on the inside, either. It has a completely transformed look that features a powerful exterior, distinctive headlights, 16″ alloy wheels, and a chrome coated radiator grille that is simply eye-catching.

Hyundai always advocates safety with all the vehicles they’ve released, and they made no exception with the Grand Starex. From providing dual front airbags for both driver and front passenger, the Grand Starex will have you covered with any untoward incidents on the road. The Grand Starex also has a built-in anti-lock system and electronic stability program. Gone are the fears instilled by action movies where the driver ends up going off a cliff on a narrow winding road! Hyundai’s system essentially makes sure you don’t go swerve off the road when driving down winding paths. Hyundai also made sure to keep your vehicle safe even when you’re not driving. The Grand Starex also features a folding key that lets you lock and unlock your doors with the push of a button.

The bold new look, classic interiors, and state-of-the-art security system. It’s the complete package, more than you could want for in a family van, priced at P2,225,000.

Buy the Grand Starex now and avail of our 5×5 promo: 5years warranty with UNLIMITED Mileage and 5years FREE PMS or 100,000km. (Promo until November 30, 2019 only!)

The Grand Starex is bound to spark interest in anyone who wants to get the most out of their family van. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Hyundai Pasig to see just how amazing it is for yourself. If there’s anything better than that new car smell, it’s that new Hyundai Grand Starex.

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