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Hyundai Car Care Tips 4

The average car owner spends about P2,000 to P3,000 for car maintenance, and the costs would usually just for the pretty basic stuff like battery check-ups, car washes, changing the oil and oil filter, and tire maintenance.

High prices may just be one of the reasons why many car owners and enthusiasts have decided to become do-it-yourselfers when it comes to taking care of their babies.

After all, if you’re going to get something done right, you might as well just do it yourself.n

Change Your Own Fuse?

If you’ve decided to DIY everything about you car, one of the things you’ll have to do is change the fuse.

If you’ve ever had your stereo or the lights on your dashboard act up or go dead, your car might have blown a fuse and you need to have it changed.

Fuses prevent too much current from damaging your electrical components, and when it detects an overload or surge, the fuse will cut the power by breaking the circuit.

Changing the fuse is easier done than most people think, and could save you a few hundred pesos and a visit to the mechanic.

Check your owner’s manual to find where your fuse box is, though most car models usually have it under the steering wheel or in the glove compartment.

Once you’ve found it, step one would be to take off the fuse panel’s cover. You’ll see a variety of colors and numbers inside, and a diagram that’s found usually on the cover will show you the purpose of those fuses in the car.n

Find the Blown Fuse

Now, you’ll need to look for the blown fuse. The fuse will either be black inside or have a broken metal filament. You’ll want to remove the broken fuse but do it with care, as fuses can easily break and a broken fuse is harder to take out than a fully intact one.

Next, you can insert your replacement fuse but make sure it’s the correct amperage. Using a fuse with the incorrect amperage will only cause you electrical problems.

You can start the ignition afterwards to check if your handiwork has paid off, and if it does, then good job! A fuse normally costs P50 up to P100, and labor’s somewhere between P200 up to P500 plus the wait time, so you’ve just saved yourself a bit of money and the wait.

But if the same fuse blows soon after you’ve replaced it or it doesn’t work, then it’s definitely time for that dreaded trip to the mechanic.

Why take chances with your own repairs when you can have your car serviced by one of the most trusted Hyundai service centers.

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